Spirited away in Jiufen

On Friday Ben, Honza and I decided to finally make it to Jiufen. I think it was our fifth attempt to do so, but something was always in the way. Whether it was thunderstorm, hangover, university assignments or something else, we somehow never managed.

Jiufen is an old gold digger village that huddles against the steep mountains, surrounded by rainforest. It took us nearly two hours by bus from Taipei. The old tiny streets with a lot of crooked stairs and red lampions and the sun melting over the sea and the misty mountains give the village a rather mystical feeling. No wonder that the Japanese regisseur  Hayao Miyazaki was inspired by Jiufen for the setting of his anime movie “Spirited away” (in German it’s “Chihiros Reise ins Zauberland”).

The sun was burning hot, and the streets full of Japanese tourists, but nevertheless I enjoyed the village a lot. Tons of tiny restaurants, food stands and cute shops wind up the alleys. The highlight was of course the often photographed Ah Mei Tea House, an old tea house that clings on the side of one of the higher mountains. We drank an iced coffee and mango slush in the cafe opposing the tea house, so we were able to shoot some really cool pictures of it. 🙂

We went back to Taipei with the bus ( we waited in line for over an hour, because all tourists wanted to go back) and had some Dinner in the Paulaner Brauhaus. I had German bread with butter and I might cried a little 😀 Can’t wait to have proper bread and no toast again!

Oma Sentence: Am Freitag sind wir nach Jiufen gefahren. Jiufen ist ein altes Goldgräberstädtchen in den Bergen nördlich von Taipei. Obowhl es nicht groß ist, hat es mir dort sehr gut gefallen. Die Aussicht aufs Meer, die vielen kleinen Gässchen mit roten Papierlampions und die vielen Restaurants sind einfach total schön! Das Highlight war das Ah Mei Tea House, das Wahrzeichen von Jiufen (und in jedem zweiten Taipei Kalender zu sehen). 

















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