Yehliu Geopark and Keelung

Last Saturday Ben, I, our flatmates from Austria and some friends of theirs visited Yehliu and Keelung. It takes around one hour by bus to go to Yehliu from Taipei. Yehliu is a sweet little harbour city.

Oma Sentence: Am Samstag sind wir mit unseren Österreichischen Mitbewohnern nach Yehliu und Keelung gefahren. Yehliu ist ein süßer kleiner Ort an der Küste. 


When we arrived: SHOCK. Hundreds of busses with (chinese) tourists…

The first stop was in the Ocean Park where we saw a really weird show. First there were seals, after that a Russian diver group with Ninja Turtle costumes and then some Dolphins. I really didn’t like the show, I had pity for the animals and the show in general was way too hyperactive with annyoing music and stupid jokes :D. Also the rest of the aquarium was kind of sad, the tanks were too little for the animals and there were no plants.

Oma Sentence: Der erste Stop in Yehliu war ein Meerespark, wo wir uns eine Seelöwen, Akrobatik und Delfin Show angesehen haben. Das war allerdings garnicht mein Fall. Die Tiere taten mir nur leid und der Rest der Show war viiel zu aufgedreht.


After this rather sad experience we went for some food and then visited the Geopark. Despite the fact that there were way too many tourists, the park was really interesting. Washed out corall riffs and a great view over the ocean and the mountains. I was impressed! Let the pictures speak for themselves:

Oma Sentence: Der zweite Stop war ein Geologie-Park mit verschiedenen Felsformationen und Korallenriffen die aus dem Meer gewaschen wurden. Die Bilder sprechen für sich: 

After the geopark we took the bus to Keelung. We nearly died on the way, because the bus driver was waaaaaay too crazy… You can imagine it like a ride in the Knight Bus from Harry Potter 😀

Keelung is a harbour city, which is very industrial but also has a lot of charme. Our first stop was Cheng-Chung Park on top of a mountain, from where you were able to overlook the city and watch children playing games. If you ever go there watch out for children and / or grandparents with little racing cars, they might drive into your ankles 😀

Oma Sentence: Danach sind wir nach Keelung gefahren. Keelung ist eine Industriestadt am Meer, die aber trotzdem einen schönen Charme hat. Zuerst haben wir in den Cheng-Chung Park besucht, von wo man einen schönen Blick auf die Stadt hatte. 

Our second stop was the famous Keelung Night Market, which is a little bit different than the ones we know from Taipei. The food was a little different and there was more crazy stuff to try. Also more sweets and cakes were offered. Most impressive was one street with a little temple, which was dedicated to food only and beautiful yellow lanterns were hanging on the sides.

Oma Sentence: Dann sind wir auf den berühmten Nachtmarkt gegangen, wo wir verschiedenes Essen ausprobiert haben, bevor wir dann zurück nach Taipei gefahren sind 🙂 

After the night market we took the bus back to Taipei 🙂


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