Wild Hot Springs Bayan – Quick escape from the city

On Friday Ben and I decided – despite the weather forecast (rain and rain and rain) – to make a little hike and relax in the wild hot springs up in Yangmingshan National Park. We read a description on how to get there on the internet and felt well prepared. Well – we weren’t…

We found the bus without problems and met a very friendly Canadian couple in their mid sixties (??) who were orginally from Hong Kong and currently travelling for 4 months of which, by now, they have been in Taipei for six weeks. We talked about travelling, Taiwanese food and a lot more on the bus ride, and decided that when we are retired, we want to be like them for sure. #couplegoals!! They have been travelling every year for several months, because they want to see something of the world. They were really amazing! In the course of our bus ride, we realized that we do not know where we have to get off the bus. The friendly Canadian man asked our bus driver and then showed us on the map that there are several stops called Bayan. Since the couple got off from the bus earlier than we did, he asked a Taiwanese old lady that she should tell us when to get off. She agreed, but also got off from the bus before us. So she told the bus driver and another Taiwanese couple that they should tell us when we have to get off 😀 So in total 8 people were involved in making sure we find the right bus stop and we had to wave good bye to all of them for at least three times… 😀

We finally managed. Our internet guide didn’t tell us that the bus ride actually would take about an hour, so we were slightly confused 😉 So if anyone wants to do the tour as well: the bus ride takes over an hour!!

The hike to the hot springs wasn’t actually that complicated and we managed to find them quite easily.

Oma Sentence: Am Freitag sind Ben und ich im Yangmingshan National Park zu heißen Quellen gewandert. Wir hatten den Trip eigentlich ganz gut geplant, aber schon an der richtigen Bushaltestelle auszusteigen hätten wir ohne die Hilfe von freundlichen Taiwanesen und einem freundlichen Kanadischen Pärchen nicht geschafft. 

We arrived and asked a group of older Taiwanese people if we could put our bags under their rain shelter, because it started to rain again. After some hot and cold baths we decided to put a mud pack on, as we saw some old ladies doing that. Apparently we did it wrong because an old man was shaking his head when we started and led us to some hotter springs and digged for mud with his shovel. Again we weren’t as prepared as he was.

Oma Sentence: Die Wanderung zur Quelle selber war relativ einfach. Wir haben in den Quellen gebadet und ein freundlicher älterer Herr hat uns gezeigt wie man richtige ein Schlammbad aufträgt. 

With hot mud all over our bodies we showered under a (pretty ice cold) waterfall and then relaxed in the hot springs again. After that the same old man invited us for some tea he was preparing. When it was time to go, the rain intesified, and the people who we shared the rain shelter with were already gone, so our bags were pretty soaked. Most of the Taiwanese had their changing clothes in plastic bags with them. Again – better prepared than we were.

Oma Sentence: Die Schlammpackung haben wir dann unter einem ziemlich kalten Wasserfall wieder abgewaschen und haben von dem selben Mann Tee bekommen. Als es Zeit zu gehen war, waren unsere Taschen ziemlich durchgeweicht, weil es stark angefangen hatte zu regnen. 

It got already dark when we went back to the street where we left the bus and we arrived there exactly when it was dark. We looked up the bus schedule – 30 min to wait for the last bus that would come on that day and it was (of course) raining a lot. Luckily we were able to stop a car with an old Taiwanese couple who had been at the hot springs as well and they took us with them to Taipei City in their nice and comfortable (German) car and shared some fruit with us.

Oma Sentence: Auf dem Rückweg hätten wir eine halbe Stunde im Regen auf den Bus warten müssen. Zum Glück hat uns ein älteres Pärchen, dass auch in den Quellen war mit ihrem (deutschen) Auto wieder mit zurück in die Stadt genommen 🙂 

hiking couple

Moral of the day: we would have been stranded without all these kind people helping us! 😀


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