Spring Break in Kenting

Spring Break was amazing! We had one week off from university and we travelled down to Kenting. Kenting is the most southern point in Taiwan with a big national park and a lot of seaside and some very white beaches. It is therefore super popular amongst Taiwanese because most other beaches are black or grey (because of some former Vulcano activities).

We took the midnight bus on Friday and arrived after some more or less relaxed sleeping hours (why the hell are Taiwanese busses always sooo cold??) at 6am in the morning in Kenting. Our first stop was (of course) 7-11 to get some strong coffee and some breakfast before we headed to the beach to nap and take the first swim of the year. In April. At 7 in the morning. Best life!

Oma Sentence: In unseren Frühlingsferien sind wir in den Süden von Taiwan nach Kenting gefahren. Kenting ist super beliebt, weil es dort viele weiße Strände gibt (und die sind sonst in Taiwan eher in der Minderheit). 



In the afternoon we set up the tent on our camping site and went to the first evening of Spring Break Festival on the Beach. Sad thing was, although it was on the beach – you were not allowed to swim in the sea… I can partly understand, since drunk people and the ocean might not be the best combination, but still 😀 I was wearing my bikini! Luckily there was a pool 🙂

Oma Sentence: Wir haben den Nachtbus genommen und sind dann erstmal schwimmen gewesen morgens um 7 Uhr. Am Nachmittag haben wir unser Zelt aufgebaut und abends waren wir dann auf einem Festival am Strand. 

Next morning we woke up after a few hours of sleep at 7:30 because it was way too hot in the tent… after some bikini shopping and food we went back to the beach to get some tan and swim in the sea. In the evening we had an amazing Taiwanese barbecue before heading back to the festival.

Oma Sentence: Die Nacht war kurz, weil es super warm im Zelt war. Den Tag haben wir dann am Strand verbacht, abends gegrillt und dann wieder auf das Festival. 


Same game next morning. At 7:30 sharp we woke up. The night before a rather weird smell like dead animal inhabited our tent. When we emptied our tent, I discovered that one of the shells I was collecting on the beach the first day, wasn’t actually dead, died in my backpack and stewed in the heat. After cleaning everything and hanging it in the trees around our tent we went to get some food and then headed to the beach. In the evening we had the last evening of festival. Before that we got some “little” beers and some food on the night market.

Oma Sentence: Nach einer wiederum kurzen Nacht, haben wir eine tote Muschel in unserem Zelt gefunden (die einen sehr miesen Geruch verströmt hat…). Den Tag haben wir dann wieder am Strand verbracht und abends nach einem “kleinen” Bier wieder auf das Festival gegangen. 


One more night in the tent (without a proper mattress) and then the others left and we decided to stay and rent a hostel with the Czech guys and some friends of theirs. We rented some scooters and explored the coast side. Our dinner was in a really little fishing village, where I probably had the freshest fish of my life while watching the sunset.

Oma Sentence: Am Dienstag ist der Mehrzahl abgereist und wir haben uns zusammen mit Freunden ein Hostelzimmer gemietet. Dann haben wir uns Roller geliehen und haben damit ein paar Strände erkundet und waren abends in einem kleinen Fischerdorf zu Abend essen. Mit Blick auf den Sonnenuntergang!

On wednesday we went for a bigger tour with our scooters along the coast. We saw a part of the national park with a lighthouse, some old caves and the “Kissing stones”. Then we scootered on, along some very stunning landscape and stopped whenever we thought it is worth to take a photo. For instance we saw the most southern point in Taiwan (with again maaany Chinese tourists like in Hualien). The best stop was at a beach, where the waves were really cool, and we were like children jumping through the water. After that we headed for some snack in an old and tiny village, where we found a super shady grocery store with a cute old man selling cool drinks and snacks for a few dollar. We finished the day with a lot of food and an evening on the beach.

Oma Sentence: Am Mittwoch haben wir eine etwas längere Roller – Tour gemacht und einen Teil des Nationalparkes erkundet. Wir haben zum Beispiel einen Leuchtturm, Höhlen und die “Küssenden Steine” gesehen. Wir haben auf der Tour überall da gehalten wo es schön war und man tolle Fotos machen konnte. Der beste Stop war an einem Strand mit ganz vielen Wellen und wir hatten einen Mordspaß 😀  Den Abend haben wir dann mit Essen und einem Bierchen am Strand ausklingen lassen.

Thursday was our last day, which we spent to scoot around, chill on the beach and sipping some fresh coconut water. We watched the most beautiful sunset on the beach and went back to the small fishing village to have once again (although another restaurant) super delicious seafood. 🙂

Oma Sentence: Den dritten Tag mit Rollern haben wir damit verbracht an andere Strände zu fahren, Kokoswasser zu trinken und den Sonnenuntergang zu bewundern (jap, das war da wirklich so kitschig!). Abends waren wir dann wieder in dem Fischerdorf zum Essen. 




On Friday we took a half-illegal taxi back to Kaoshiung, from where we took the bus back to Taipei (this time the bus wasn’t that cold ;)).

Oma Sentence: Freitag sind wir dann mit einem halb-illegalen Taxi nach Kaoshiung gefahren und haben von da den Bus zurück nach Taipei genommen. 


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