Hualien, East Coast and Taroko National Park

In the beginning of this blog post I have one thing to say: the impressive landscape and nature of the East Coast and Taroko can’t be captured by photos, all the photos I took show a fragment of the whole scene. To experience the impressiveness, you should definitely go there yourself 🙂

So since our university week is very short (only Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday courses) we have a lot of free time to travel. This weekend we decided to go to Hualien for two nights: one day Hualien, one day Taroko National Park and one day the East Coast scenery.

We took the train to Hualien and then the bus to our awesome Aribnb 🙂 The day we spent in Hualien, we had really delicious local dumplings (more and puffy dough than the ones in Taipei) and took a walk on the sea side before having dinner on a night market. We also rented a car for the next two days, since it was the most convenient way to visit Taroko and the East Coast highway.

Oma Sentence: letztes Wochenende sind wir nach Hualien an die Ostküste gefahren. Den ersten Tag haben wir damit verbracht Hualien zu erkunden und lecker Dumplings (gefüllte Teigtaschen) zu essen. Mjamm! 🙂 Außerdem haben wir ein Auto für die nächsten beiden Tage gemietet. 

So the next morning we got up pretty early and drove to Taroko. I had a very handy book from my former flatmate (Lana, thanks again at this point!) about all the different trails in the National Park and we chose different trails that led us through beautiful valleys, impressive rivers and huge mountains. The Swallow Grotto Trail required to wear ridiculus helmets, because of the possible danger of stones falling down on you (didn’t happen to us!). The Changchun Shrine Trail was somewhat dissappointing since a massive amount of Chinese (rude) tourists occupied everything.

Oma Sentence: Am nächsten Tag haben wir dann mit dem Auto und zu Fuß den Taroko Nationalpark erkundet. Der Park ist wirklich wunderschön mit vielen großen Flüssen, steilen Schluchten und teilweise leider auch vielen (Chinesischen) Touristen. Auf einem Wanderweg musste man Helme tragen, die sahen ganz schön lustig aus 😀 

After this experience we decided to also visit some of the Cingshui Cliff Area Trails (not reeeaaally a part of Taroko, but close by). We drove on the coast highway and stopped whenever we thought it is beautiful. Sadly also the best photo spots were occupied by large bus travel groups (and way too many people with selfie sticks…). In addition we didn’t manage to get to the beach, since the stairs broke down in the last earthquake. Nevertheless we took some really nice photos and then headed back to our Airbnb.

Oma Sentence: Neben dem National Park führt eine Küstenstraße an der berühmten Cingshui Klippe. Hier waren leider auch wieder die vielen Busreisegruppen. 

When we arrived at home Ben started to feel sick and after some time it became clear that he had some serious food poisoning. He rested at home, while we grabbed some dinner. Sadly it didn’t get better when we came back, but worse (I’ll spare you any details ;)). In the night we even had to take him to the hospital (so glad we had a car) where he got medicine and spent the night. In the next morning we picked him up again and he decided to go back to Taipei straight away, while we others made a trip down the Highway 11 on the east coast.

Oma Sentence: An dem Abend als wir wieder zu Hause waren ging es Ben plötzlich ziemlich schlecht und wir mussten ihn ins Krankenhaus bringen. Ziemliche dicke Salmonellenvergiftung hatte er sich zugezogen. Morgens ist er dann direkt mit dem Zug wieder zurück nach Taipei gefahren und wir haben den Tag noch damit verbracht die Ostküste mit dem Auto in Richtung Süden zu fahren. 

Here again we stopped whenever we felt it was a nice spot to admire the landscape and take photos. The trip was a lot of fun, even though we had no chance to get to any beach. All beaches were closed or under construction, because it is still winter season here and Taiwanese do not fancy to go swimming at this time of the year. The most impressive stop was at Shihtiping, where huge rocks reach into the sea and you have a spectacular view on the mountains and the seaside. In the evening we went back to Taipei by train back to Taipei.

I am tired of writing, so let the pictures speak for themselves 🙂

Oma Sentence: Die Ostküste ist wirklich wunderschön mit Bergen auf der einen Seite und Meer auf der anderen. Die Bilder sprechen für sich 🙂 



kleinkathi auf großemstein2


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