Monkey Trail

Last Thursday Ben and I wanted to escape the city for a little while and see some nature. We decided to hike the Monkey Trail, which is a tiny part of the Yangmingshan National Park in the north of Taipei.

We had to take the Bus up north to the foot of the mountain and just when we started to walk up the stairs, the inevitable rain started again. Still it was quite warm, so we decided to continue.

Oma Sentence: Am Donnerstag wollten Ben und ich ein bisschen Natur neben all der Großstadt erleben und sind den Affen – Wanderweg gewandert. Natürlich hat es genau dann angefangen zu regnen, als wir angefangen haben zu laufen. 


The first part of the trail is only stairs, stairs, stairs… and I am really not a fan of stairs!! After a few minutes we were soaking wet from rain and sweat, but because we are real adventurer we were wearing the right outdoor equipment and hiked on ;).

Oma Sentence: Der erste Teil vom Wanderweg waren Treppen, Treppen und Treppen. Nicht so toll… Nach ein paar Minuten waren wir komplett durchgeschwitzt und durchgeregnet 😀 


The second part of the trail is the more interesting one: it is rather flat and winds through impenetrable rain forest. The rain was really heavy by then and the path was super foggy. The warning sign indicated that this is the path where we are able to see monkeys – if we are lucky! It also said that we shouldn’t look them in the eyes because that makes them aggressive and we shouldn’t feed them and bring no food with us (I totally forgot about my banana in my bagpack and rediscovered when we were back in the bus – upps!).

Oma Sentence: Der zweite Teil des Weges war interessanter: der Pfad war relativ eben und rechts und links war undurchdringlicher Regenwald. Es war super am regnen und mega nebelig auf dem Weg. Auf dem Weg sollte man dann Affen sehen, wenn man Glück hat! 

So we walked that trail and kinda got dissappointed, since no monkeys were in sight. Then suddenly (maybe attract by my banana?) we heard some noises in the trees above us and saw a whole monkey family jumping through the jungle. There were even two baby monkeys!! We immediately tried to take some photos but most of them didn’t work out so well. The monkeys just were too fast. Still it was really an adventure to see some monkeys in their natural habitat, with no Zoo fence or something.

Oma Sentence: Wir haben tatsächlich eine Affen-Familie gesehen!! Mit zwei Babyaffen 🙂 Das war irgendwie schon verrückt, so ganz ohne Zoogehege.

The rest of the path was not less exciting: we wanted to take a side-path to see a waterfall when a huge animal blocked our way. Since it was so foggy we could not see it properly but it could have been an adult monkey or some huge wild cat or something. The rest of the way I was pretty scared and I was happy when we reached the last part of the hike: stairs again!

Oma Sentence: auf dem Weg nach oben haben wir dann noch ein ziemlich großes Tier gesehen (Wildkatze, großer Affe? Wer weiß?), das war ganzschön gruselig und ich war ziemlich froh als wir die letzten Treppen hoch zu einer Straße geschafft hatten. 


On top of the mountain we took the bus back home. I think I never enjoyed a hot shower that much 😀

On Sunday we went back with some friends from university because they also wanted to see the monkeys. Sadly we didn’t see any, maybe because more people were hiking that day… or we were just really lucky on Thursday to see some 🙂

Oma Sentence: Dann haben wir den Bus wieder nach Hause genommen – die Dusche tat wirklich gut! 🙂 Sonntag sind wir dann mit ein paar Freunden den gleichen Weg nochmal gewandert, aber haben leider keine Affen gesehen. Wir hatten am Donnerstag wohl einfach wirklich Glück! 


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