Kaoshiung – Hello Sun!

Two weeks ago we went to Kaoshiung with a couple of friends to escape the grey and rainy Taipei for some days of sun. Kaoshiung is a city in the south of Taiwan.

The decision was made super spontaneous when we were in university on Wednesday and it was freezing cold the whole day. We checked the weather report for Kaoshiung and since it said it will be over 20°C we decided to go on Thursday.

We took the TRA (regular train, but not the cheapest one – really comfy and hot lunch boxes on the train!!) in the morning, which took us in 5 hours to Kaoshiung and there it was: the SUN! 🙂

After checking in our hostel (the Czech guys we were travelling with knew a Slovakian hostel owner, so we got a room last minute) we strolled through the city and had some amazing hot pot for dinner. Hot pot is related to the European fondue and basically means you throw everything (meat, vegetables, seafood and noodles) in a big pot of boiling soup. It was delicious!

Oma Sentence: Vor zwei Wochen sind wir nach Kaoshiung, einer Stadt im Süden von Taiwan gefahren, weil es dort wärmer war als in Taipei. Am ersten Tag sind wir abends “Hot Pot” Essen gegangen, das ist so ähnlich wie Fondue. Sehr lecker! 🙂 

The next morning we went to rent scooters for two days, so we didn’t need to walk everywhere. I didn’t drive myself but was sitting on the back of Ben’s scooter. I was really afraid at the beginning, since the Taiwanese traffic is way different and definetly more scary than German traffic 😀 In the end I got used to it and when you are part of the scooter-mob it is fine.

Oma Sentence: Am zweiten Tag haben wir uns Roller geliehen und haben damit die Stadt erkundet. Sehr aufregend 😀 Ich bin nicht selber gefahren, sondern saß bei Ben hinten drauf! 


We drove to Qijin, an island that lays in the sea in front of Kaoshiung. We didn’t swim but took a walk on the seaside and up a hill, with a marvelous view on the city. At night time we got dinner at a  night market and afterwards we drove around with our scooters. We went up Soushan mountain, to have a view on the city and visit the LOVE sign up there and drove to the Lotus Lake to see the famous Dragon and Lion Pagoda.

Oma Sentence: Wir sind mit den Rollern nach Qijin gefahren (das ist eine Insel die im Meer vor Kaoshiung liegt) und sind da auf einen Berg gewandert um Fotos zu machen. Abends sind wir nach dem Abendessen auf den Soushan Berg gefahren und haben die LOVE Statue besucht und danach zum Lotus See um die Drachen und Löwen Pagode zu sehen. 

The next morning we got up “early” (at 10am :D) and our scooters took us to the Fo Guang Shan Buddha Memorial Center (or just Big Buddha). We walked around the center half of the day, taking tons of photos. Unfortunately you can’t take any photos inside the center, so I can only show you how it looked from outside. We were also ringing the “peace bell” which is supposed to let our whishes come true. Then we went back to Kaoshiung through some really beautiful landscape and pineapple farms. In the evening we went out clubbing and finished the day with some Pilates at 5:30am in the morning :D.

Oma Sentence: Am nächsten Tag sind wir mit unseren Rollern zum Großen Buddha gefahren und haben den halben Tag dort verbracht. Leider durfte man keine Fotos im Center machen, deswegen kann ich nur Bilder von draußen zeigen. 

The next we slept loooong and relaxed in the park most of the day. 🙂 On monday we wanted to take the highspeed train back to Taipei at 8pm in the evening, but apparently student tickets are limited and the regular price was too expensive. So we decided for the bus instead, which took us in 6 hours or so back to Taipei. The bus however was also pretty comfortable and not relatable to German or European busses. All in all, the travel was definitely worth it, Kaoshiung is amazing and the weather was really good! 🙂

Oma Sentence: Sonntag haben nur relaxt und am Montag sind wir mit dem (wirklich komfortablen) Reisebus wieder nach Taipei gefahren. 🙂 Die Reise hat sich total gelohnt, Kaoshiung ist klasse und das Wetter viel besser 😀 



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