Lanterns in Jingtong

Yesterday Ben and I, together with some other students, went to Jingtong (close to Pingxi) for the Lantern Festival held during the Chinese New Year celebrations. Jingtong is a small village (more a street with houses than an actual village) up in the mountains that surround Taipei.

We got up very early in the morning and took the train to Houtong which was our first stop. Houtong is Taiwan’s cat city and hosts over 100 kitties and probably over 100 kitty-souvenir shops as well 😉 Although I am a huge cat lover, the city wasn’t really my taste. The cats where sometimes on a leash and only there for the tourists’ amusement. Also, there were too many souvenir shops that were trying to sell kitten related stuff. Still, we touched the Kitty-Good-Luck-Rope (at least that’s what we were told) and had some lunch in the city.

Oma – Sentence: Gestern waren wir mit einer Gruppe anderer Studenten in Jingtong für das Laternen Festival. Auf dem Weg dorthin haben wir einen Zwischenstopp in der Katzenstadt von Taiwan gemacht, das war für meinen Geschmack aber ein bisschen zu touristisch.

After the cat city we took the (super crowded) train for another hour which took us slowly through a really beautiful landscape on the way to Jingtong. We spent the afternoon exploring the small village, walked across the “Lover’s Bridge”, bought some little lanterns, strolled through the hills around the town and had (of course) some food. In addition, I drove the New Years train haha! Choo Choo here comes Kathi 😉

Oma Sentence: In Jingtan selber haben wir die Stadt und die umliegende Gegend erkundet. Wir haben die die Liebesbrücke überquert und lecker gegessen. 🙂 




Celebrating Chinese New Year didn’t only mean to fire up some lanterns but also to write whishes for the future on a bamboo stick and hang it up in Jingtong. There were thousands of these sticks hanging around the village and we also decided to join this tradition.

Oma Sentence: In Taiwanesischer Tradition haben wir unsere größten Wünsche auf einen Bambus Holz geschrieben und zu den anderen abertausenden gehangen.

In the end we did what we came for: sending some lanterns in the sky. Everyone had one side on the lantern and I wrote a Happy Birthday wish for my granny on it.

Oma Sentence: Am Ende haben wir dann natürlich Laternen steigen lassen. An dieser Stelle nochmal alles Liebe 🙂 


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