Hello Taipei

My last post was ages ago. Sorry for that. 🙂

In addition I would like to introduce some sort of a new thing on my blog. Since I am abroad for a while now and my grandma at home also wants to understand what I am doing here, there will be some “Oma-Sentences” in German every once in a while beneath the pictures. 😉

I finished my internship before Christmas and headed home to spend Christmas at home with my family. In January I went to Budapest and Belgrade and afterwards I spent my days preparing and packing for – TAIPEI!

I am here for exactly a week now and I get more and more used to the city. Still everything is pretty new and exciting. Ben and I spent the last days visiting the attractions of Taipei and took (literally) 1.000 photos.

For example we visited the Chiang – Kai Shek Memorial Hall and saw the changing of the guards there.

Oma – sentence: Das ist das Chiang Kai Shek Denkmal, das Ding ist wirklich super riesig und ziemlich beeindruckend. Da in der Nähe wohnen wir 🙂 

Another day we hiked up the Elephant Mountain, where one has an amazing view on the skyline of the city. We spent the whole afternoon there until the sunset, which was pretty amazing.

Oma – sentence: Hier sind wir auf den Elefanten Hügel gewandert um ein paar Fotos von der Skyline von Taipeh zu machen. Wir haben den ganzen Nachmittag da oben verbracht und auf den Sonnenuntergang gewartet, das hat sich auch total gelohnt!!

We also visited a lot of temples on the way, saw some Chinese New Year fireworks and best of all – visited a lot of night markets. There, you can eat about every food you can imagine and buy everything from Hello Kitty selfie sticks to baby clothes. My favorite food so far are shallot pancakes with fried egg, dumplings, and little cakes filled with custard – so delicious!! Another day we went with a group of international students to have a snake meal – Ben and I opted out at the end when it came to drinking blood and venom with some sort of medicinal alcohol. In the end, we tried some snake soup but I didn’t like it at all! 😀 In addition we visited Ximen – a part of the town which is packed with bubble tea places, fashion shops and loud pop music. It feels like a very Asian and hyperactive version of Piccadilly Circus in London. 😉

Find some randomly chosen pictures of Taipei below and let them speak for themselves – no words needed 🙂

Oma – sentence: Das hier sind ein paar wild ausgesuchte Bilder von Taipeh. Wir haben verschiedene Tempel besichtigt, waren auf vielen Nachtmärkten zum Essen und waren mit einer Gruppe von anderen Studenten Schlange essen. Ich hab mich da aber rausgehalten und nur einmal von der Schlangensuppe probiert – ist gar nicht mein Fall 😀 Wir waren auch noch in einem Stadtteil namens Ximen, wo es total bunt, laut und voll ist und ein Laden neben dem nächsten Ramsch verkauft. 

Also Check out Ben’s Blog for more!! 🙂


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