My November

What? In 11 days it’s Christmas? I hope you don’t mind to read my late summary of the month November. Here we go…

Watched: Gossip Girl from the beginning AGAIN

Heard: Troye Silvan – you should definitely check him out, his music is gorgeous! I found this postcard in my gym. It is the refrain of this song!


Read: I fell in love with the crime novels by Michael Robotham. There is nothing better than snuggeling in bed with a good book in winter. 🙂

Bought: New gloves that were soo necessary due to the fact that winter came abruptly (more about it here). In addition I bought the perfume Lady Million by paco rabanne for winter (all my others smell more summer-ish) and I absolutely love it.


Did: Puuhh… my November was dedicated to writing my special assignment for university, which I had some days of vacation for. My team and I celebrated the beginning of carnival (although we learnt one does not celebrate that in Hamburg – we were the only ones dressed up) and went over the Dom with the other Edelman interns. The Dom is Hamburg’s biggest fair and I had a lovely ride in the Breakdancer (the whole office is still laughing how much I screamed but hey 😉 ). We had lazy strolls through the city center and a lot of coffees. I went to see the last Hunger Games movie and we had a Monopoly evening (where I was the ultimate champion :D). We also went to see the Hamburger Ice Hockey Team: Hamburg Freezers. Furthermore we partied at the Uebel&Gefährlich Club for the first time and saw Moonbotica live, which was quite an experience and we sweated heavily due to no oxygen in the whole bunker where the club is. I also helped the Studios ( another team at Edelman) on set for commercial spots, which was super interesting and I had a lot of fun on set – expect of the fact that my bag with my purse got stolen and I am now faceless and outlawed (and no doorman believes me that I am actually over 18-hello?)

Ate: Since we have a new snack vending machine at the office Fritt is the thing to eat in our office at the moment, so I had quite a lot of it in November.

Loved: The fact that new adventures are coming soon! I booked a flight to go to Budapest with Kadda in January and afterwards visiting Ben in Belgrade – so I am absolutely looking forward to this little pre-adventure before the big Taiwan adventure.

Shared: Have a glimpse on my Instagram profile:


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