Big steps ahead!


the best gift you could given her 

was a lifetime of adventures… 

Lewis Carrol (Alice in Wonderland)

Hamburg has somewhat become my home now. I know a lot of people, made friends and have my favorite coffee spots. Working has become a normal thing and I know my tasks and To-Do’s and do not even feel like the “stupid intern” any more. Over 4 months have passed and I fell in love with the city and the people.

3 weeks and I am moving out again. 3 weeks and I will be preparing for another adventure. 3 weeks and I will leave the city I called home for the last months.


I will spend the Christmas time at home at my parent’s and prepare (mentally and vaccination wise 😦 ) for the biggest adventure of my entire life: TAIPEI!

All the documents are handed in, the flight will be booked soon and I am already looking for a room (if you know anything preferably somewhere at the blue MRT line – feel free to contact me haha). Big steps are ahead! I have to leave my comfort zone again that I build the last months. I am going on another adventure and I can’t be more excited! I am excited to travel, I am hungry to see the world and I am eager to dive into another culture.


Big, huge steps I have to make. But I will and I am excited to do them.




4 thoughts on “Big steps ahead!

  1. I wrote a blog post called “10 Things to Eat in Taipei”. Make sure you try everything when you go! I was in Taipei for 2 weeks in August 🙂 good luck!


      1. I was only in Taipei for 2 weeks, I didn’t see the rest of the country unfortunately. The food was the main highlight! Do you know people there? I found it quite hard to explore the city because it’s very big and spread out and it’s not great for walking from place to place. It’s better if you have someone who knows the city and the hotspots to show you around!

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  2. I don’t know anyone yet, but I guess when studying there for half a year I will probably get to know some people who can show me around 🙂 I am like super excited for the experience!


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