And suddenly it was winter

Yesterday night at around 1 o’clock I went home by bike from a friend. It was super cold and I was glad that I bought new gloves the same day. I already heard the rumour that it might snow, but seriously! On Thursday it was still around 12 degree. Waking up this morning I seriously thought someone is kidding me when I saw a text from a friend “It snows!! Look outside”. What is that weird fascination for snow? Everyone was excited today as if we were little children again. The first snow of the year has something magical. What is that? Why does some freezing rain fascinates us that much? Of course I wasn’t less excited and of course I was sitting at my window looking outside hoping for white Christmas. My astonishment for the snow wonder in November can also be found on my Instagram Account:


I have three weeks left in Hamburg. It is incredible how fast time went by. Let’s hope that in my last weeks the ever-present rain finally decided to transform into snow for a longer time and that my last weeks here are full of christmas markets, mulled wine and jingle bells instead of grey, stormy and wet days where you do not want to leave your home.


So today was all about cuddling in bed with a hot cup of coffee and some self-made pancakes. Aaand of course with the right soundtrack! If you want: check out my current favorites on spotify 🙂




One thought on “And suddenly it was winter

  1. […] New gloves that were soo necessary due to the fact that winter came abruptly (more about it here). In addition I bought the perfume Lady Million by paco rabanne for winter (all my others smell […]


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