The day the world disappeared

Last weekend Ben was visiting me for my 21. birthday. (Yes you heard right, I can drink beer EVERYWHERE now!!) The weekend was chilly, grey and misty. The first harbinger of winter. We cuddeld in our winter coats and bought us new scarfs and beanies. Nevertheless the weekend had some special wonders for us. We climbed on the Michel (452 steps and I have to admit my cardio isn’t at its best at the moment) and had a spectacular view on the city, vanishing in the grey. It was like some Dementors were flying around invisibly and longing for you soul with their cold breath.



“Dementors are among the foulest creatures that walk this earth. They infest the darkest, filthiest places, they glory in decay and despair, they drain peace, hope, and happiness out of the air around them. […] If it can, the Dementor will feed on you long enough to reduce you to something like itself […] soulless and evil. You’ll be left with nothing but the worst experiences of your life.” (10.2.33)




And since we all know that after a proper dementor attack you need a lot of chocolate we went to a cafe afterwards and had delicious cake and hot chocolate! 🙂



5 thoughts on “The day the world disappeared

  1. The view is the same in my country, except that it’s because of a bad haze. Haha! At least no dementors could survive in my environment.


      1. Oh cool 🙂 I might travel to Malaysia next year because I am doing a study abroad in Taiwan and want to travel other Asian countries too!


      2. You should definitely pay us a visit. We have great food! I myself am planning to go Taiwan too, but not next year, since I’ve already planned for Tasmania.


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