International Filmfest Hamburg // CARTEL LAND


The Filmfest Hamburg is a yearly event where around 140 national and international feature and documentary films as world, European or German premiere are shown. It ended yesterday and I had the chance to watch one of the last movies yesterday evening. It was called “CARTEL LAND” and is about the mexican drug cartells.


The movie was pretty intense, since it was a documentary, and the footage shown was reality. Nevertheless it was an impressive experience and everyone who is interested in the topic should definetly watch it. What I liked about the movie was that it doesn’t show one side only. There is no black or white in the world but grey. This movie shows that enormously. It is a movie that does not leave you once you stepped out of the cinema. You think about it days later and you are still wondering how cruel this world is, that you never heard about these happenings in our “idyllic world”. The Esquire magazine stated: Cartel Land “is more shocking than any ficiton.” which is absolutely true regarding this movie.


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