Hamburg: it wasn’t my plan to live here right now

I can’t believe I am actually here already for more than seven weeks. Wow, time flies. Its’s incredible. I have to say in the beginning I envied everyone who went abroad for real in the first half of the yearLet’s face it: Hamburg is not abroad for me, even Groningen was more foreign. I didn’t want to go to Germany for my internship at all, in fact I thought everyone going to Germany was lame, having so many opportunities and then choosing good old Germany. And here I am, sitting in my room in Hamburg, Germany. Hamburg Blog2

Originally I planned to do my internship in the UK somewhere, and I was appyling at so many PR agencies, I can’t even count them. Sadly it didn’t work out between me and the UK. Still I wanted to do my internship at a PR agency and Edelman was appealling for me, since we had this poster presentation in year one “Orientation to the profession” hihi.

Hamburg Blog3

So now I am sitting here in my room in Hamburg, Germany and even after seven weeks it is new for me. The city, the people, the vibe. Of course I am not abroad, but it is still a city I have never lived in, never experienced as I do now. It is interesting. I find new places everyday, new shops, new restaurants, new parks and streets, … It is not abroad, but it is a pretty cool city!! I am looking forward to the next 4 months I will spend here!

hambur blog1

Hamburg Blog4


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