Hello out there!

My first attempt of a Blogpost – here we go.

So what do you think this blog will be about? Well I’ll tell you where I am (obviously), what I do where I am, what I explore, see, experience on my travels. Maybe I will also post some recipes, inspiration, … who knows what way I will go.

First of all: a little introduction about myself. I am Katha and during my studies in Groningen (whoever asks where that is: The Netherlands) I had the chance to go abroad for a year. So right now I am in Hamburg (ok, it is not thaat abroad since I am German, but it is not in Holland) and doing an internship at the PR agency Edelman. In February I am going to study abroad in Taipei, Taiwan which will be even more exciting and I guess I will have plenty of adventures I can blog about over there.



Photo-Source: Tumblr


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